Morley weaves the threads of jazz, soul, and folk traditions into a singular tapestry of vocal and acoustic splendor — the sound wave of a life lived with uncommon devotion to human rights and environmental justice.

Raised in vibrantly multicultural Jamaica, Queens, and educated at the United Nations School, Duke Ellington High School for the Performing Arts and Alvin Ailey, Morley travels the world to sit and sing with visionaries on the frontiers of social change. Her music has appeared on network television shows, commercials and in human rights documentaries, and it has moved minds and spirits as diverse as His Holiness The Dalai Lama, entrepreneur Richard Branson, and United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. Morley has graced stages as wide-ranging as the Nomad Women’s Festival in the Sahara Desert and Carnegie Hall.

Radiating from Morley’s music is a clarion call not for mere tolerance, not even for peace, but for something far more expansive — the buoyant conviction that we are bound to one another by a shared belonging as pilgrims of kindness and a universal responsibility as stewards of this fragile, beautiful, irreplaceable planet.

Morley says, “My hope is that any song that comes through will serve as a friend to the listener and be part of the great map of Art that reveals time and again how short the distance from one another truly is.”

“Morley pushes for peace building through music.”

Morley’s poetic and large-hearted lyrics reverence the unsung heroes and heroisms of which our noblest nature is woven, reminding us that art may be humanity’s mightiest tool of empathy and reconciliation – Maria Popova

“Morley embodies modern-day NY femininity in all its multicultural finesse.”
New York Times, Emerging Artist of the Year

“Morley creates modern soul music – cerebral lyrics, sultry grooves and vocal sophistication.”

“Morley’s harmonically interesting low-key vibe is one that combines Nina Simone’s coy wisdom with Joan Armatrading’s vulnerable expressions of emotion.”

-Philadelphia Inquirer

“The music of Morley… love, kindness and hope at every bend.”

– Daniel Lanois

“Morley expertly combines an earthiness, sensuality, etherealness, intelligence and social consciousness, and melds it into sophisticated, globally-minded pop.”
– Bill Bragin