BE THE ONE (BTO) is a creativity-based self-expression workshop developed by singer-composer and educator, Morley Shanti Kamen. Morley brings fresh and unique energy into the world of empowerment and healing workshops, incorporating conflict resolution and dialogue facilitation techniques with vocal release, music, and Hatha yoga. Co-creating a safe space, BTO aims to explore ways to decode and transcend our learned perception of “otherness”.

Harnessing the power of our shared humanity, racial and religious diversity, and interdependence with nature, we explore wellness as ritual while addressing the areas in our lives and communities that need healing.

Certified and trained through Sivananda, Alvin Ailey and under the auspices of such masters as Joan Peters, Baba Richard González and Miyazaki Sensei, Morley has been teaching Hatha Yoga, meditation and self expression workshops for over 15 years in the U.S. and internationally. She has experience working with a wide range of populations including prestigious Arts programs, safe homes for youth and domestic violence survivors, rehabilitation centers for formerly incarcerated, out reach programs for war veterans experiencing homelessness, cultural centers, public & private high schools, professional development for teachers, doctors and community leaders as well as 11 years experience bringing music and songwriting into hospice and hospitals through Musicians On Call.

(Impromptu exchange of vocal percussion techniques with children on my way to a workshop – Murambi, Rwanda)

Morley is actively involved in Bernie Glassman’s Zen Peacemaker Bearing Witness retreats and has travelled to Auschwitz-Birkenau, in Oświęcim, Poland, Rwanda on the 20th Anniversary of the Genocide against the Tutsi and The Black Hills Pine Ridge Reservation. Morley performs and helps to facilitate the musical and vocal release at culmination of these retreats.

Morley completed the Facilitation training for the “Healing of Memories” with South African freedom fighter, Father Michael Lapsley, and was brought to Hiroshima, Japan to write the graduation song with students for the first graduating class of THINK Global School.

self expression /non -violent communication workshop - Cape Town, South Africa

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Thank you for teaching us how to use our creativity as a healing tool. –  Hope, Student


After Morley’s workshops I know where to go with my anger and how to use my breath to slow down and deal with my emotions better. – Abdel, Student


Morley builds community through visionary personal connection.  She models open-heartedness and invites others into relationships with each other that both transcend individual pain, and honor it. I come away from her work energized and connected – feeling my own unique contribution and wanting to do more!  – Karali, Principal


Thank you for sharing your experiences and wisdom with us. This training has given me new strength to work with young people in the system. – Ruth, Educator


Morley’s calm and very present demeanor provided the room and group with a sincere sense of safety.  She led us through speaking and listening exercises that called us to increase our awareness and not only fine tune our listening skill towards others, but towards ourselves as well.  Her focused attention to each and every one of us allowed her to challenge us and pin point areas that needed more exploration.  She revealed to me the essential art of listening in any healing environment.  – Michael, Educator